Friday , August 17 2018
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Lotus tattoo under the boobs

Under boob tattoo

More and more women and girls go with a under boob tattoo. Also celebs like Rihanna love a tattoo under the boobs. There are so many great designs we would like to show you. Don’t know where tot start!

Aaah. Rihanna is a good start i think…

Breast tattoo Rihanna

This breast tattoo is a beautiful image of an egypt women with her wings wide open. Done in Black and Grey. What we like about it is that the wings are in the shape of Rihanna her boobs. Real nice.

Water colour breast tattoo

This under boob tattoo is like a watercolour painting. A nice flower on a great spot.

Breast tattoo butterfly

A monarch butterfly under the boob area. Done with some nice lace in the background!

under the boob tattoo

A colourful roses under the boob tattoo. We like the new school style in this one.

Under boob tattoo eye

A nice black and grey under boob tattoo with lots of dotwork in it. The shiny eye realy stands out.

under boob text tattoo

Some text under the boob is always cool!

Lotus tattoo under the boobs

Lotus tattoo done very well. The shape of the tattoo is made perfect for this area.