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Leah Jung

Leah Jung is our favourite Tattoo Model of all time. We worked a lot with her for a dutch tattoo magazine. She had her own column called “Life of Leah”. She is amazing professional and she knows how to¬†achieve her goals. It’s a pity the magazine didn’t make it cause the dutchies love Leah. Maybe we can ask her to write her column for this new online tattoo model magazine? So Leah, if you read this ūüôā

Leah Jung is a professional singer/songwriter, model, and writer. Her legendary modeling has been published internationally countless times, including 40 book and magazine COVERS. She is a huge inspiration for models that just start their career.


The beauty of Leah’s voice gives us¬†goosebumps. The music she makes can hit you like¬†a ton of bricks and every word she means! You can listen to Leah’s music here…!

leah jung music


As heavily tattooed model, Leah walked the runway for the New York Fashion Week in 2014. That proves her professionality in a big way. And let this be a huge inspiration to all of you tattooed models who been denied cause of your tattoos by regular modeling agencies!

leah jung new york fashion week 2014

Leah Jung Social:
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 Some pictures of Leah Modeling

Some cover shoots