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How to become a tattoo model

How do I bjean-paul-gaultier-tattoo-modelecome a tattoo model? That might be the most frequently asked question here at the office!

First of all, you need good quality tattoos and some modeling skills. Some modeling agencies still have problems with tattooed models, but thankfully there are a lot of agencies that specialize in inked models.

Today, more and more mainstream companies ask for tattooed models to fit their campaign. As a result, many alternative modeling agencies hire tattooed models to fulfill this growing demand.

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For you as a tattoomodel it is necessary to have a good portfolio. Always try to show around 5 pictures: 2 or 3 of your tattoos and off course a few from you striking some poses.  Send your portfolio accompanied with detailed information – such as: height, weight, bust, waist, hips, cup, shoe size and hair and eye color – to some alternative modeling agencies.

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Social Media:

Start built a business facebook page for you as a model. In your private account you see the option: Make a Page. Create a Artist page with your modeling name. When the page is ready, make sure you like as much business pages in the industry as you can. Go like photographers, agencies, models, make-up artists, tattoo conventions, tattoo clothing comapnies, tattoo magazines. And try let your friends share your page to create a big snowball. Same you can do with Twitter and Instagram.

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