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Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo ideas from all kinds of colourful and black and grey tattoos. On this page you find different tattoo styles like: japanese, tribal, old school, new school, dotwork, maori and polinesian tattoo ideas. Please use them as tattoo ideas (inspiration) and don’t copy the tattoos.

Under boob tattoo

Lotus tattoo under the boobs

More and more women and girls go with a under boob tattoo. Also celebs like Rihanna love a tattoo under the boobs. There are so many great designs we would like to show you. Don’t know where tot start! Aaah. Rihanna is a good start i think… This breast tattoo ...

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under the butt tattoo

A tattoo under the but is more then sexy! Wearing shorts or a short dress gives a sneak of the tattoo whitch make men crazy. You can choose text or nice images to place under the butt. In the image above you see a under the butt tattoo in text. ...

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Sleeve tattoo

cam model jessica wilde

How to start a nice sleeve tattoo? At first you need to make up your on what kind of style you like to wear one your arm. A sleeve tattoo is the most cool if it’s done in one style we think. Offcource you van get all kind off styles ...

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Japanese tattoos

Japanese tattoos The Japanese tattoos is extremely popular now. Most of the time the japanese tattoo is a big tattoo like a half or full sleeve or a complete bodysuit. Most of the time its done in black and grey with some colour accents. But they are realy nice in ...

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Tribal tattoos

Tribal tattoos. They are (we think) 70% of all the tattoos walking around on our pretty planet. Tribal tattoos comes in a width variety. Tribal tattoos from the old days to show witch clan you belong to. Matching tribal tattoos with your partner. But now a days tribal tattoos get a little ...

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Tattoo ideas for couples

Tattoo ideas for couples? Thirst thing comes to mind is to tattoo the name of your partner on your body. But instead of name tattoos there are a lot of beautiful tattoo ideas for couples. Get some inspiration of the gallery below, but please be creative and don’t copy the ...

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White ink tattoos

White ink tattoos looks really subtle and femenine. Lots of tattoo artists are not into doing the white tattoo job cause its hard getting it the way the custumor expect it to be. Skin is growing over the white ink and skincolor change in summer. The white ink tattoos can turn ...

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laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal is one of the best ways to get rid of your old tattoo. There are great results booked with the Yag laser. Some use it before they start a tattoo cover up. Make it a bit lighter before the new tattoo sessions start. If you want to ...

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Tattoo cover up

Tattoo cover up.

What to do when you are realy sick of your tattoo? You can do a laser treatment or a tattoo cover up. When you choose a tattoo cover up, you have to think of the fact that the tattoo needs to be bigger and sometimes darker then the existing tattoo. ...

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