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cam model jessica wilde

Sleeve tattoo

How to start a nice sleeve tattoo?

At first you need to make up your on what kind of style you like to wear one your arm. A sleeve tattoo is the most cool if it’s done in one style we think. Offcource you van get all kind off styles and make it one peace, but if your arm is blank we would advice to do the sleeve in one style.

For example you can choose oriental / japanese, old school, new school, chicano, tribal, biomechanical, realistic or a maori tattoo sleeve.

If you made up your mind about the style you can start thinking about 3 to 4 bigger peaces. On on the outside upperarm, one on the inside upperarm, one on the outside lowerarm and the inside lowerarm. Then think about the background and the filling up. For example, if you choose an oriental sleeve tattoo, its cool to work with wind, water and flower leafs. Do not put the bigger images on and then the rest. No, make it one peace and make images and background in layers.

Oriental Tattoo Sleeve

cam model jessica wilde

What you see here are the beautiful full sleeve tattoo’s of the lovely Jessica Wilde.She has chosen for oriental tattoo’s and it realy nice done. As you can see, she has some bigger images mixed with the tradiotional japanese background. It’s extremely cool to mix colour with a black or black and grey background. It makes the bigger images stand out even more.

Tribal sleeve tattoo

Tribal sleeve tattoo

A tribal tattoo sleeve as shown above is a lot easyer to do. Not to tattoo by the way, but to design. You can work with only the black, but i think a tribal tattoo can be done way nicer by using some shading in the background.

Chicano sleeve tattoo

What we see here is a real Chicano tattoo in the beginning of a full sleeve tattoo. Chicano is from the streets of Mexico and the use a lot of dice, gangster girls, guns, money, cars and other cool stuff. Chicano tattoo’s has to be done in black and grey.

Realistic tattoo sleeve

Realistic tattoo sleeve

The image above is a cool example of a realistic tattoo sleeve. The portraits are awesome mixed with the soft and pink roses is so nice. You can choose every theme if you want a realistic tattoo. Portraits of family, pets, your car, women. You name it and a professional artist will do the job.

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